Training in Grief and Trauma Care Schedule

HONOLULU — Kids Hurt Too Hawaii is training volunteers to help its efforts to bring solace to children impacted by grief and trauma. The sessions are intended to develop a variety of skills for restoring health and positive development.

Kids Hurt Too Hawaii is focused on attracting volunteers who are enthusiastic about the organization’s mission.

The topics below show the training content. For more information about the training, call (808) 545-5683.

Current DatesChildren’s Trauma and Grief
Facilitation Training
5/11/22Orientation to Kids Hurt Too Hawaii (1 hour) 5:30pm
OngoingScreening and Assigned to Auditing a Group
5/14/22Grief & Trauma Theory & Kids Hurt Too Hawaii Program Model; Awareness and Self Exploration (8 hours) 9-5pm
5/29/22Facilitating Children’s Grief and Trauma Through Play and Therapeutic Groups (6 hours) 10-4pm
The fee for future facilitators may be waived but not for professional development only.