Training in Grief and Trauma Care Kids Hurt Too Hawaii is training volunteers to help its efforts to bring solace to children.

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Join us in creating a healing environment for grieving and traumatized children and youth.

Volunteers play an essential for supporting families on their healing journey from their grief and trauma. If you have any questions about volunteer opportunities, please call us or use the sign-up in the form below.
Kids Hurt Too Hawaii’s Volunteer Opportunities
  • Peer Support Groups
  • Mentoring Group Activities
  • Special Events
  • Board of Directors
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For those interested in a professional training for staff please contact Cynthia White at (808) 545-5683 or email [email protected].

“We can’t prevent domestic violence, victimization of children, and loss of family members. But, we can provide resources that help children cope with those difficult situations.” – Cynthia White, Co-Founder & Executive Director.