Published by the Dougy Center and available at Kids Hurt Too Hawaii:

35 Ways to Help a Grieving Child — $10 – Information that is simple and practical and is drawn from the stories of children and teenagers who have been on the frontlines of grief.

After a Suicide: A Workbook for Grieving Kids — $15 – For children, ages 8 on up, to assist them in dealing with specific issues they may face after a suicide, with lots of sharing from other kids who have struggled and grieved after a suicide death.

Helping Children Cope with Death — $10 – An in-depth look at grieving children that addresses specific developmental issues and answers the most frequently asked questions about children and grief.

Helping Teens Cope with Death — $10 – Explains common grief reaction of teenagers, specific challenges grieving teens face, and offers advice from parents on supporting teens in grief, when to see professional help and more.

Helping the Grieving Student: A Guide for Teachers — $10 – This teachers guide provides information on grief, including concepts of grief, how bereaved students grieve, developmental issues of grieving students, how teachers can help, responding to a school-related death, special considerations or complications, classroom activities, and resources

What About the Kids?: Understanding Their Needs in Funeral Planning and Services — $10 – Designed to help parents and caregivers support their children before, during and after a funeral or memorial service.

After a Murder: A Workbook for Grieving Kids — $15 – This hands-on workbook for children includes drawing activities, puzzles and word games to help explain confusing elements specific to a murder such as the police, media and legal system.

Kids hurt too T-Shirts – $20 adult; $15 youth

Healing coins – made by children, a gift to remind the recipient that someone cares and he or she is not alone.  $5 donation

Koa Wood Fish Hooks – made with the help of children. $75